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Souris Manfredi

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Souris Manfredi is the inaugural Women’s Bantamweight World Lethwei Champion, the first woman to record a knockout in World Lethwei Championship and the first female world lethwei champion in history. World Lethwei Championship fighter Souris Manfredi found martial arts at an early age. But, it was not until much later in life that she embarked on a journey that would ultimately make her leave her native country of France for Thailand, and later join the world-renowned Lethwei organization. Her first WLC debut was against Khmer boxing champion Eh Yanut at WLC: King of Nine Limbs. She became one of the best female fighters of WLC after impressive performance in WLC 9. She set the record for the first knockout winner at World Lethwei Championship’s Women Division history after her second fight in WLC: Battlebones. On 28 August 2020, WLC returned to action with an international fight card in a closed-door lethwei spectacle. The historic main event featured the crowning of the inaugural female lethwei world champion as Souris Manfredi of France takes on former WBO Muay Thai title challenger Maisha Katz from Spain for the Women’s Bantamweight World Lethwei Championship.After that epic Lethwei action, Souris Manfredi made history as the First Female Lethwei World Champion

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