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Top Welterweight World Lethwei Championship Contenders

The Welterweight division in World Lethwei Championship is probably the best in the promotion, with enough stars to make a 16-man grand prix. It features local stars like Yan Naing Tun, Tha Pyay Nyo, Saw Ba Oo and Soe Lin Oo, as well as international superstars like Cambodia’s Roeung Sophorn, Italy’s Samuel Toscano and Uzbekistan’s Shokrukh Kholmurodov. Last week, the division got bolstered when World Lethwei Championship announced the signings of top-class kickboxing champions, Sweden’s Mathias Jonsson and Australian-Burmese athlete Ray J Virajahntorn. First of all, Sweden’s multiple-time champion and most exciting fighter in the world, Matias Jonsson is now waiting to eagerly participate in the World Lethwei Championship ring. Jonsson said “Lethwei fans around the world will see me put on the most exciting fights that they have seen. I will go in there and start throwing from the second the bell rings, and there is not going to be a quiet moment. It will be non-stop action, from start to finish I guarantee that!” For now, he doesn’t know about the opponent he will face in the coming World Lethwei Championship event, but he is mentally preparing to entertain the Lethwei fans with his great performances. His style is perfect for lethwei, with big knockout power in his strikes and an aggressive style. Ray J Virajahntorn is one of Myanmar’s favorite fighters and even though he has not fought in Myanmar, local fans have known him as Htaw Mon Aung and have followed his global martial arts exploits since he started his career. . He was one of the athletes that World Lethwei Championship fans have wanted to see in the WLC ring for a long time and now the organization has made it happened. Virajahntorn is an experienced fighter and he is also fully prepared to showcase his skills in his home country after living and competing overseas for two decades. “This is an amazing opportunity for me to return to the country of my heritage and proudly represent the Burmese people as we show the world what athletes from Myanmar are capable of,” Virajahntorn said. But for their desire to conquer the Welterweight division in World Lethwei Championship will not be easy because it already packed with the best Lethwei athletes in the world. Soe Lin Oo is the people’s champion, and he is working hard training and being in peak shape. Yan Naing Tun has the most momentum of any athlete in World Lethwei Championship having strung together an impressive undefeated streak and we have not even talked about Tha Pyay Nyo, Saw Ba Oo and Saw Kaung Htet yet. With the caliber of stars on display in the division, grand prix might actually become a reality. Original Post: