Dec 02 2019
World Lethwei Championship: Thway Thit Maung Ready For Spotlight
In 2019, Thway Thit Maung took the World Lethwei Championship by storm, scoring a pair of victories and two year-end honors.
One way to make a name for yourself in the world of combat sports is to put on a show for the fans. In 2019, that is exactly what World Lethwei Championship athlete Thway Thit Maung did.
Thway Thit Maung was named the WLC Breakout Fighter of 2019 thanks in large part to his incredible performance at WLC 8: Karen Spirit against Aung Hein, which also earned him the WLC Comeback Fight of 2019 honor.
Set from the Chit Tu Myaing Park in Hpa-an, Kayin State on May 5, 2019, the event marked the first major Lethwei card to b held in Kayin State, which is the epicenter for Lethwei culture.
Comeback Fighter Of The Year
A sport practiced by all in Myanmar, the Kayin hold Lethwei in the highest of regard, so watching Thway Thit Maung mount a thrilling comeback left them standing and showering him with affection.
The light welterweight contest went the full five rounds and 15 minutes, as Thway Thit Maung earned the unanimous decision victory over Hein. As the third fight on the UFC Fight Pass lineup, it definitely served as a kick-start to what was an action-packed evening.
Thway Thit Maung would finish out his 2019 with another unanimous decision victory, this time besting Omar Elouers at WLC 10: Fearless Tigers on October 4, 2019 from the Mandalar Thiri Indoor Stadium in Mandalay, Myanmar. 
WLC’s Breakout Fighter Of The Year
While Thway Thit Maung has yet to step back into action for WLC in 2020, you can bet the 20-year-old is ready to strap up and do battle once more for the Lethwei fans and community. 
About World Lethwei Championship
World Lethwei Championship is the largest bareknuckle fighting organisation in the world and the leading exporter of Burmese culture to the world. Based in Yangon, Myanmar, World Lethwei Championship has signed the top fighters in Lethwei and kickboxing to exclusive contracts. It packages the historic traditions of the Burmese martial art of lethwei with cutting-edge technology in media & entertainment to provide fans with a night to remember.